The illegal usage of prescription Opiates is a problem in most countries. Opioids are narcotic medications which function by modifying the work-function receptors in the brain, which results in opiate effects which includes a protracted high.

There are some opiates which are illegal, and others are prescription drugs which doctors give for the purpose of chronic and severe pain relief. If the drugs’ usage is legal or illegal, addiction can occur when the drugs are taken in much quantities, or for an extended period of time.

Opiates function by binding to receptors in the brain, thereby causing an intense and pleasurable high, which is then followed by relaxation. The body promptly builds a tolerance which needs more of the opioids in order to achieve the same result.

A good number of the prescription opiates when combined with analgesics help to fight pain. When they are taken for a long period of time, especially in bulky quantities, the brain halts the production of the natural painkillers of the body and then, a physical dependence on the drugs is created.

Below are the signs of Opiate addiction:

  • Investing much time focusing on opiates, especially making plans on how to get them
  • Slight to chronic depression, which could induce thoughts of suicide
  • Social activities withdrawal
  • Paying less attention to physical appearance
  • Loss in weight


Effects of opiates are usually felt very fast after taking drugs, and the duration is dependent on the quantity and type of opiates taken. The most obvious short-term effect which comes with opiate use, is the flushed feeling. This flushed feeling is an integration of pleasure, relaxation and the “high” feeling.

Below are the short-term effects of opiate addiction:

  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Heaviness in the legs and arms
  • Nausea
  • Reduced respiration rate
  • Constipation


Opiate use long term effects, are not restricted to addiction and drug tolerance. There are a good number of physical symptoms which can induce medical issues as the usage of the drug continues.

Below are the long-term effects of opiate addiction:

  • Depressed immune system
  • Regular and chronic constipation
  • Hyperalgesia which is induced by Opioid, making the patients very sensitive to pain

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