It is common to hear people in recovery speak of the self-hatred, guilt and judgment that drove them further into addiction. When a person has gone down this dark road, it can be incredibly painful to reach out for help.

They may fear that others will judge them or will not understand or want to help them. For many people, no matter how much they are loved by others, they cannot feel it and they turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and fill the emptiness.

A great place to start looking for addiction help is your own church or community organization. Individual churches and church bodies often have connections with drug and alcohol recovery centers. Some will be able to recommend treatment facilities, and most will be able to direct you to support group meetings, life skills programs, and self-help resources.

A Christian recovery centre is a wonderful choice for individuals in need of drug rehab and looking for a Christian foundation in which to recover placing the focus on Jesus Christ as the “higher power’’.

It is also important to have a pastor, preferably a recovering pastor as a member of your Christian drug rehabilitation program. This provides the patient immediate access to a staff member that can enhance an already strong belief in Christ or begin to build on a belief lost along the way.

A sense of being loved and accepted by a spiritual faith community in recovery can help a person cope with, and move beyond the marginalization often felt by recovering addicts.

Christian Recovery Centres

There are many hospital systems that operate drug and alcohol treatment programs, and can accommodate someone looking for Christian based recovery, helping to impact their sense of purpose and destiny in the world, reconnecting them with family and with God, while acknowledging that suffering leads to new life. Among the prominent Christian Recovery centres include:

  • Baptist rehab
  • Methodist rehab or Lutheran
  • The Salvation Army: This organization uses work therapy, counseling, spiritual direction, and life skills development to help individuals through addiction recovery.
  • Reformers Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program that is designed to help those in addictive behaviors through the power of Jesus Christ.
  • SAMHSA Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is an online resource for faith-based rehab centers and the individuals they serve.
  • SAMHSA Faith-Based Coalitions and Collaborative Partnerships has established teams of community and faith-based leaders who are working together for recovery.

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