Addiction can be referred to as a disease which has eaten deep in the lives of some people. Drug and Alcohol addiction are the commonest form of addiction in the world today. Drug addiction for instance, occurs when an individual is hooked on the usage of drugs which are responsible for altering the state of mind, in a bid to give rise to a positive mood.

Usually, the effects which drugs give are short-lived, and the individual would have to take more in order to replicate the effect.

For most drug addicts, drug use started out as a harmless act for them, they gave it a try because they wanted to see how it worked. With time, they loved the effect which it came with, and they continued to use it.

In New Brunswick, there are many people who get drugs such as opiates, illegally. One common way which they do this is, they falsify medical reports, and they take them to pharmacies, so that they can get more pills.


The following drug rehabs are available in New Brunswick:

  • Vitalite Health Network Bathurst
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada Western Region Bathurst
  • Vitalite Health Network Campbellton
  • Portage- New Brunswick
  • Vitalite Health Network Edmunston
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada Western Region Edmundston
  • Rising Sun Rehabilitation Centre
  • Fredericton Shelter (Grace House for Women)
  • We Care Home Health Services Fredericton


In New Brunswick, the various treatments available at drug rehabs are conventional. Usually, the first phase of treatment for any drug addict, is detoxification. This is basically the removal of harmful substances within the body. Detoxification is essential, particularly for helping the addict to withstand the symptoms which comes with withdrawal.

For the addict, if the case is chronic, and he or she would need close monitoring, then he would be admitted into an inpatient treatment centre, where he or she would be observed 24/7. However, if the addict can still manage his or her work schedule, and receive treatment, then an outpatient rehab is advisable for him or her.

An aftercare treatment is also quintessential after the person has been certified for full recovery, this is to ensure that he or she does not relapse.


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