When drug abuse is being talked about in Canada, the province of Quebec is not an exception. Various drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, anti-depressants, non-prescribed drugs and the likes, are the drugs which are mostly abused in Quebec. The number of drug rehabilitation treatment services has increased, showing that, there is a rising need for those who are addicted to drugs.

Drug problems are what some citizens of Quebec are facing. Opiate addiction, irrespective of the fact that they are prescribed or illicit drugs, have a tendency to induce chronic addictions. The available drug rehabilitation treatment services make effort to ensure that a good number of addicts who are struggling with drug addiction are attended to.

It has been studied that, the prevalence rate of drug addiction problems in Quebec is around 9%, not being oblivious of the fact that there are various resources stationed in Quebec to fight off this problem.

However, it has been said that the first step to treating addiction, boils down to the addict personally. The addict would have to accept the fact that he or she is addicted, and help is needed. Once the addict has been able to come to terms with this truth, it would be easier for him or her to receive help.

Usually in Quebec, the first phase of drug addiction treatment, is Detoxification. This is basically a process whereby harmful substances are removed from the body, and this process is carried out in a facility where the addict receives round-the-clock monitoring. During this treatment process, the person would be well equipped to handle withdrawal symptoms.

Then, there is the inpatient treatment service. It is usually for those who have severe cases of drug addiction. They are placed in a facility where they are monitored properly. They remain in this facility until they have been certified as okay. There is also the outpatient treatment service for those who can still manage their treatment process, and work too. Usually, people in this category are also addicts, but theirs is not so chronic.

Most drug rehabs in Quebec usually offer after-care treatment for recovered drug addicts, this is usually to prevent them from relapse.

These are some of the drug rehabs which are available in Quebec:

  • Centre Walgwan
  • Mawiomi Treatment Services
  • We Care Home Health Services Montreal
  • Lab Bio-Medic Montreal

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