Opiate addiction is as a result of the frequent intake of opioids. Addiction is a state whereby a pleasurable act becomes something which you cannot refrain from. Doctors have given the definition for drug addiction, as an enticing and overwhelming craving for a certain drug, which is usually without control. The individual always feels the compulsive force to use it.

Opioids are very addictive, and they have an overpowering effect on the reward centers present in the brain. They trigger endorphins release, which are the feel-good or pleasurable neurotransmitters present in the brain.

When the opioid effect wears off, there is this urgent need to regain the good feelings. When opioids are taken on a frequent basis, the body reduces the production of endorphins. The equal dose of opioids halts the strong influx of these good feelings, and this is referred to as tolerance.

One of the major reasons why opioid addiction is a common sight is because people who grow tolerance could feel motivated to step-up their doses so that they can retain the “good-feeling”. These days, doctors are well-informed about the risks associated with opioid, and they usually turn down requests to increase the dose of patients.

However, the sad part is, opioids are sold illegally, and some people have seized this opportunity to get theirs at an unlimited rate. As a matter of fact, some people go to the extent of lacing opioids with very potent contaminants, this happens as a result of not being satisfied with the derived pleasure.

This contaminants lacing is responsible for a good number of deaths which are associated with opioids use.

If you are hooked on opioids, the best way to break free, is to see a doctor for help. There are a good number of safe alternatives which are available to assist you in changing and feeling better. Also, it is advised that if you are using opioids based on prescription, you should not stop the usage without the informing the doctor.

Below are the common factors which cause opiate addiction

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • History of substance abuse
  • Stress
  • Problems at work and family
  • Criminal activity history


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